Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flash Gordon Saturday Morning Cartoon

I used to love watching this early on Saturday...

It certainly isn't anything spectacular. I think I liked it because of the serial nature of the show in it's first season.

...anything is better than that abysmal SyFy channel reboot of Flash Gordon, which according to Wikipedia, "UK science fiction magazine SFX described episode 3 as 'possibly the worst episode of anything, ever.' (Well said, SFX) And I did have such hopes for that show. (I mean, in spite of the deus ex machina, and, well, maybe the entire last season, they did a pretty good job of Battlestar Galactica, right?)

Just look at that picture! the guy on the left who was Dr. Zarkov looks like he just wandered into the photo shoot. The princess (In red on the table) displayed the worst acting chops I have EVER seen on television--really, I mean E--V--E--R. I think the casting director took his or her job literally and cast lots to pick the actors. The guy in the back in the black suit and red collar is Ming. I understand wanting to steer away from the Asian stereotype but this dude looks like an accountant. The guy who played Flash was the only one that really seemed to fit. Everyone in this picture has the lets-just-hurry-up-and-get-this-thing-cancelled-so-my-agent-can-try-and-pick-up-the-pieces look on their faces. This is what failure looks like.

And....I'm shutting up now.

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